How I’m Living-25 June 2022

Watch the entire YouTube video to the end before you start the project.
Be your own craft influencer.

At the beginning of the pandemic I found myself going to the fridge way too much. I’m going to blame the Pacific Northwest weather and the overabundance of Skype/Zoom/Team meetings. So in an effort to keep the COVID-19 pounds to a minimum and a desire to express myself, I started crocheting. It was something I learned as a child and thought it would be easier than painting.

Two years later I find that I most enjoy crocheting while watching sports or attending yet another Zoom/Teams meeting. Real talk, crocheting during the game keeps my hands too busy to partake in the chips & dip. Or texting my friends when I’m in one of those long mandatory meetings.

I’m not doing this to sell on Esty or at the local Farmer’s Market, I’m doing this for me. I have thought to give a few pieces as gifts to close friends & family or even to donate some to a local shelter, but I’ll see how God leads me. And I’ve gotten fancy with my projects too. I figured they’re artsy so I started naming my pieces. You never know what will be in a museum to represent life during the COVID pandemic in 100 years.

The picture below was my first attempt once I remembered some of the stitches. A crude rendition of a square but hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere.

Simple Square AKA This Meeting Should’ve Been An Email

Some Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Crocheting:

1st Attempt, Simple Clutch
  1. Have a project in mind before you buy the yarn. If not, it may sit for six months before you do anything with it.
  2. Buy the yarn on sale. Repeat, buy the yarn on sale.
  3. Have a crochet or crafting buddy. Sure you can talk about the price of yarn and keep each other accountable too.
  4. Watch the entire YouTube video to the end before you start the project. And then one more again to make sure you really understand it.
  5. Don’t worry about the trends, take time to discover what you like about crocheting. Be your own craft influencer.
A Bag….To Carry My Crochet Tools

Bonus – did ya’ll know you can get yarn and stuff from Goodwill or Value Village?

Author: kb253

I am a black woman. I love God, I love my husband, I love my children, I love my grandchildren, I love my big extended family, I love my church family and I love a host of friends too.

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