How I’m Living-12 June 2022

…heap burning coals on the heads of those that perpetuate domestic terrorism.
This time-out, like in sports, would stop them from making stupid comments or making rash decisions.

So in preparation for this post I wanted to get the correct dates for the Uvalde, Texas; Buffalo, NY and Brooklyn, NY shootings. My heart clenched when I came across an article from The Washington Post that said there had been over 250 mass shootings as of 2 June 2022( That is not only shocking but devastating as well. Yet, here I am with a heavy heart and feelings to work though.

On 12 April, I heard the news about the shooting in the subway in Brooklyn. I started praying, selfishly at first, for my siblings and their families to be safe and unharmed. Then my prayers went out to the 10 people reported as wounded. Then, because I know the subway wasn’t empty, I continued praying for the injured and transit staff. After I prayed, I had a thought which I’ll share later in the post.

On 14 May, I heard about another NY shooting, in Buffalo, in a supermarket. I’m calling it a massacre because of steps taken by the shooter beforehand. Again I prayed for the situation, only this time, my heart was heavier. I kept thinking about the grandchildren that would miss the hugs from their grandmother. I kept thinking about the veteran and how on November 11th things would be different for his family this year. I kept thinking of the young lady that lived through the pandemic and overcame leukemia, only to die going to the grocery store. This time I had a couple thoughts.

On 24 May, I was in the middle of a big work project when I heard about the shooting in Uvalde. As the tears started falling, the project wasn’t so big anymore. I still prayed because it really hurt to think about another school shooting happening. Damn it people, there’s no prize to the state with the most shootings. Another school shooting caused a lot more thoughts. I wish they were poetic but nope, they are genuine and may step on some toes. Consider yourself warned.

My first thought, on April 12th was that somebody needed to do something different to prevent stuff like this from happening. So I asked God to heap burning coals on the heads of those that perpetuate domestic terrorism.

On May 14th my thought was that once again domestic terrorism was at work. I was thinking that the AR-15 manufactures, retailers and NRA lobbyist need to explain themselves to that community. Maybe they needed to sit in a room, face-to-face with the survivors and hear the outrage, the overwhelming hurt and sorrow from the community. Oh yeah, they needed hot coals too.

So on May 24th I was really in my feelings. I wondered, how much more hate can happen in this country? I wanted to ask God to put such hateful people in Sheol and then into the Lake of Fire, but that’s for Him to work out. Then, with a little inspiration from the NBA (the playoffs were happening), I thought we should treat our three branches of government like athletic team coaches. You know, if a coach doesn’t take their team to the conference finals, the playoffs or wins a big title in a certain amount of time, they’re fired. Like Mr. Spacely did George Jetson on the regular ( Unlike Mr. Spacely, we as voters could ensure anyone from the fired team didn’t get immediately rehired. I know there are more details to work out but hey, given what we have now, my idea could work.

Since then, when I hear of other shootings, I think that our government officials, the gun lobbyist, the NRA, the gun retailers and manufactures all need a time-out each time there’s a shooting. They would have to sit in glass cubicle wearing headphones, listen to the 911 calls about gun incidents from all over the USA and view the funerals, memorial services and eulogies of those that died. This time-out, like in sports, would stop them from making stupid comments or making rash decisions. And just like when a parent puts a child in time-out, we’d expect some change in behavior. God knows, we need them to think about what they’re doing. Or maybe they need to be in a naughty chair, like the Supernanny, Jo Frost uses. She used it to help families regain order in their homes, to help families get better.

And that’s how I’m living, waiting for better…

Oh yeah, I still think burning coals will bring about changes too.
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